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Andreas, Thalia, Irma & the Fish

The Greece I love is about the little things.

Thalia has shown me how to finish tortellini with butter and sage leaves, as they do in Italy and suggested that my Greek style grilled fish can be served with steamed rice, the Japanese way.  She has shown me that Rosy e Gabriele is the best place to eat perfect Italian food in Milan (that is of course, if you cannot have an invitation for an Osso Buco meal, cooked by Lisa Corti at her fabulous home).  I guess Thalia does this for a living. She has shown the world the tiny Kastellorizo island - a unique place on earth - when she picked it for the set of Mediterraneo and so many other little things…

Andreas makes pebble yards and marble structures; he is a craftsman of extinct traditional techniques.  He owns a wooden fishing boat and goes fishing in places that other fishermen won’t; the winds are capricious in the Aegean Sea. He sends the freshest fish to Leon when we are in Athens and Thalia carries it in boxes with ice in the boat from Syros. They both cook impressively large dinners for friends, with seafood we have not seen or eaten before, like gigantic pinna shells! 

I love them both for the little things – they live in Syros and travel to Athens only when they need … little things. For the rest, as you can see, they have their way.