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This is the schedule for Calliope's Real Greek Cooking upcoming lessons in my kitchen in Brooklyn: 386 Pacific Street, Brooklyn NY 11217, apartment #2.

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Greek & easy - Saturday, September 17 (SOLD OUT)

Saturday, September 17
11am – 3pm

‘What to make for dinner?’  This is a question that is being repeated in many homes every night.  Learn how to make five everyday, simple traditional Greek recipes with easy to find ingredients in 3 hours!  Experience the blessing of offering freshly cooked home made food to your loved ones, without spending more than 30 minutes in the kitchen! Your healthy weeknight menu is ready!  

  • Oregano & lemon light sauce chicken {kotopoulo lemonato} #glutenfree

  • Sweet peas, carrots & potatoes one pot dish {arakas laderos} #glutenfree#vegetarian#vegan

  • Sea bream with light tomato sauce from Patmos island {psari plaki} #glutenfree

  • Garlic & onion pasta with yoghurt sauce from Kassos island {skordomakarounes} #vegetarian

  • Not really veggie patties {biftekia kipourou}

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Greeks love Meat & a salad - Saturday, September 24 (SOLD OUT)

Saturday, September 24
11am – 3pm

The Mediterranean diet is about a pattern and not individual foods; meat may not be consumed on a daily basis, but it is a favorite in Greece and is cooked in many creative ways.  Lamb, goat or pork dishes are found in abundance in the Greek cuisine, depending on the season and the occasion.  

  • Lamb casserole in red wine and light garlic aromas {arni sti gastra} #glutenfree

  • Spicy country sausages and peppers in tomato sauce {spetzofai} #glutenfree

  • Tenderloin pork with leek and celery root {hirino me prasso} #glutenfree

  • The Greek beef stew {kokkinisto} #glutenfree

  • Fall salad {fthinoporini salata} #vegetaria #vegan #glutenfree

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    Greek Fall Menu with wine - Saturday, October 1

    Saturday, October 1
    12pm – 4pm

    The Greek fall menu is so delicious! Are you wondering what to do with so much cabbage and all these carrots? Do you want to find out how the Greeks of Cyprus eat their pumpkin? Join this class to enjoy a menu full of seasonal Mediterranean flavors! 

    • Wind greens & spinach pie {hortopita} #vegetarian

    • Greek cabbage rolls {lahanodolmades} #glutenfree

    • Macedonian salad {salata makedonitiki} #vegetarian #vegan

    • Cypriot pumpkin pies {kolokotes} #vegetarian

    • Chickpeas soup from Sifnos island {revithada Sifnou} #vegetarian #vegan #glutenfree

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