Calliope's Real Greek Food

cooking & stories in my Brooklyn kitchen


Teaching in my home kitchen, I do not show off with chef knives, fancy utensils or specialized cookware.  I cut and carve mostly without a cutting board and usually employ my mother’s measuring method: an actual teacup!  In short, I keep it real and make sure that the level of the lesson addresses all audiences.  Beginners are welcome, but foodies and experts can also profit from these lessons by exploring a more down to earth cooking philosophy and expanding their recipe portfolio.  
My cooking relies on the freshness of the ingredients and the seasonality of the produce. In my lessons I use best quality, organic produce from small, independent producers (local & Greek) and try to make my dishes as seasonal as possible.

The lessons include my favorite leftover plans plus shopping tips and small secrets that will keep your pantry and your fridge full of useful ingredients to be able to cook healthy meals everyday.

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