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Greek meze & salads with tsipouro - Wednesday, November 30 (SOLD OUT)


Greek meze & salads with tsipouro - Wednesday, November 30 (SOLD OUT)

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Wednesday, November 30
6pm – 8pm

The Greek cuisine is a reflection of the country’s rich and diverse culture. Being at the crossing point of East & West, Greece’s great and turbulent history is reflected in its traditional food. Through the centuries, Venetians, Romans, Balkans, Turks, and Slavs have contributed to the culinary culture of this small Mediterranean country.

Mostly influenced by the Turkish tradition, the Greek cuisine is abundant with meze: small dishes served with an aperitif. Hot or cold, spicy or savory they are served in little plates to be shared with everyone at the table, providing variety of flavor and texture. Join us to learn how to make four healthy meze dishes that will impress your guests and will add some variety to your starters’ portfolio.

  • Fried Green Peppers in vinegar sauce & garlic {tiganites piperies} #vegetarian #vegan #glutenfree
  • Red beets and yogurt salad {pantzarosalata}#vegetarian #glutenfree
  • Lightly fried zucchini with tzatziki dip {tiganita kolokythakia me tzatziki} #vegetarian
  • Santorini split peas puree with pita chips {fava Santorinia} #vegetarian #vegan #glutenfree
  • Greek-style chickpeas {revythada} #glutenfree #vegan
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