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Greek & vegan - Wednesday, October 26 (SOLD OUT)

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Greek & vegan - Wednesday, October 26 (SOLD OUT)

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Wednesday, October 26
6pm – 8pm

The Greek Orthodox Church is at the center of the country’s culture. Hence, most holidays in Greece are religious ones. We have more than 200 days of lent: abstaining from meat and products of animals with blood (cheese, eggs, milk, butter etc.), fish and seafood with backbones. Additionally, economic reasons made the traditional Greek diet mostly vegetarian.  Meat was too expensive to be consumed on a daily basis.

The list of ‘nistisima’, lenten food, is endless. Our ancestors have spent centuries creating delicious, healthy, vegan recipes for you to enjoy in this lesson. 

  • Chickpeas & spinach stew {revythia me spanaki} #vegetarian #vegan #glutenfree

  • Flat olive bread from Kimolos {ladenia Kimwlou} #vegetarian #vegan

  • Santorini split peas puree with pita chips {fava Santorinia} #vegetarian #vegan #glutenfree

  • Vegan chocolate cake {nistisimo cake} #vegetarian #vegan

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