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The Great Greek Classics

Add a Greek touch to your holiday menus and learn how to cook the favorite Greek classics using my mum’s tips and experience.  The lesson reveals techniques and shortcuts that will save you time and keep your kitchen tidy while making some of the most elaborate and delicious dishes for your family gatherings.

  • Baked pasta with ground beef and béchamel sauce {pastitsio}
  • Fried eggplant and potato dish, baked with ground beef and béchamel sauce {mousakas}
  • Stuffed vine leaves with meat and rice {dolma}
  • Cheese pie {tyropita makedonias}

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Legumes & pairings

Legumes are a super food!  They have a high nutritional value, but zero fat and sugar.  They play a pivotal role in the Greek diet and are consumed in many interesting ways. This lesson is full of some simple recipes and ideas of how to cook and pair them in your everyday cooking.

  • Greek bean soup {fasolada} #glutenfree #vegetarian #vegan
  • Greek lentil soup {fakes} #glutenfree #vegetarian #vegan
  • Chick pea soup {revythada} #glutenfree #vegetarian #vegan
  • Baked giant beans {gigantes plaki} #glutenfree #vegetarian #vegan
  • Split peas Santorini style {fava santorinia} #glutenfree #vegetarian #vegan 

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Greeks love Meat & wine pairings

The Mediterranean diet is about a pattern and not individual foods; meat may not be consumed on a daily basis, but it is a favorite in Greece and is cooked in many creative ways. Lamb, goat or pork dishes are found in abundance in the Greek cuisine, depending on the season and the occasion.

  • Lamb casserole in red wine and light garlic aromas {arni sti gastra} #glutenfree
  • Slow cooked goat {kleftiko} #glutenfree
  • Spicy country sausages and peppers in tomato sauce {spetzofai} #glutenfree
  • Tenderloin pork with leek and celery root {hirino me prasso} #glutenfree

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Greek & vegan {nistisima}

Religious fasts and economic reasons made the traditional Greek diet mostly vegetarian.  With more than 200 days of lent, our ancestors have spent centuries creating delicious vegan recipes for you to enjoy in this lesson.

  • Spinach & greens pie {spanakopita} #vegetarian #vegan
  • Spinach risotto {spanakorizo} #vegetarian #vegan
  • Summer vegetables with spring herbs and tomatoes {briam} #vegetarian #vegan
  • Vegan chocolate cake {nistisimo cake} #vegetarian #vegan

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Greek style soups for all

Explore the winter edition of the Mediterranean diet.  Discover some of the healthy and traditional recipes of the Greek soups cooked with legumes, spinach, chickpeas, fish or minced meat and broaden your winter dinner menu.  

  • Fish soup from the Cyclades islands {kakavia kykladitiki} #glutenfree
  • Chick peas soup from Sifnos island {revithada Sifnou} #glutenfree #vegetarian #vegan
  • Chick peas with spinach {revythia me spanaki} #glutenfree #vegetarian #vegan
  • Rice meatballs in egg-lemon sauce {giouvarlakia} 
  • Greek white lima bean soup {fasolada} #glutenfree #vegetarian #vegan

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Ladera; the Greek yummy vegetarian way

Learn the essentials of the famous Greek “ladera” dishes;  simple but delicious peasant-style cooking of vegetables as a main course, using olive oil (ladi). Learn how to avoid the boring, steamed vegetables that you load with butter or cheese.  There is a more interesting way to eat your four servings of vegetables in one sitting.

  • Sweet peas, carrots & potatoes in light tomoto sauce {arakas laderos} #glutenfree #vegetarian#vegan
  • Green beans in a light summer sauce {fasolakia ladera} #glutenfree #vegetarian#vegan
  • Artichokes with green fava beans {aginares me koukia} #glutenfree #vegetarian#vegan
  • Cooked cauliflower {kounoupidi giahni} #glutenfree #vegetarian#vegan
  • Artichokes in light lemon sauce {a la polita} #glutenfree #vegetarian#vegan

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Greek islands menu

There are many reasons to visit the Greek islands; the landscape and the food are the primary ones.  Since we cannot reproduce the one, enjoy a delicious island hopping experience from Santorini to Skiathos through Kimwlos and Syros. 

  • Flat olive bread from Kimolos {ladenia} #vegetarian
  • Santorini tomato fritters {pseftokeftes Santorinis} #vegetarian
  • Santorini baked cod in tomato and garlic sauce {Santorini brandada de bacalao} #glutenfree
  • Monkfish with onions from Skiathos island {peskandritsa stifado}  #glutenfree
  • Almond cookies from Andros island {amygdalwta} #vegetarian

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Kids favorites

Little people’s taste and preferences in food often dictate the family menu.  Most Greek families include these five healthy, but loved by children, recipes to make sure that their little ones are happy and eat a healthy meal, too. 

  • Greek style fries and scrambled eggs with tomatoes {patates tiganites & strapatsada} #glutenfree #vegetarian
  • Greek aroma meatballs {keftedakia myrodata} 
  • Meat sauce pasta {makaronia me kima} 
  • Greek beef burger with potatoes {biftekakia sto fourno me patates}
  • Milk and rice pudding {ryzogalo} #glutenfree #vegetarian

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Sunday family lunch & one desert // wine pairing too

Traditionally, the Greek family gathers after church and enjoys a rich meal (and some drama!) that is followed by a siesta in the living room!  This is an activity that I would highly recommend. The recipes included in this lesson are easy to make, do not require long preparation time, are topped with one desert and wine pairings.  

  • Greek roasted chicken with potatoes {kotopoulo psito me patates} #glutenfree
  • Casserole leg of lamb with Greek herbs {arni sti gastra} #glutenfree
  • Read sauce chicken with bucatini pasta from Corfu island {pastitsada kerkyraiki} 
  • Milk pie from Mani {galatopita} 

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