Calliope's Real Greek Food

cooking & stories in my Brooklyn kitchen

Let’s take from the beginning: Hestia is the ancient Greek goddess of the hearth, home, architecture, family and domesticity. She was at the center of the social, religious and political life of ancient Greece, presiding over the cooking of bread and the preparation of the family meal. 

Her name was essential for warmth, food preparation, and the completion of the cooking of the communal feast of every sacrifice to the gods.  The hearth fire had to be always on, symbolizing domestic & religious care for the family. 
The kitchen is indeed a holy place for me. Its warmth is fundamental for my balance and I choose to live there a lot. Magically enough, whoever visits my home decides to linger there. So, I decided to share my kitchen with you and offer my Greek Cooking Lessons right there where it happens: in my home kitchen.