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Greek rice pudding


#vegetarian #glutenfree

All the women in my house could make ‘ryzogalo’ with their eyes closed! Each one had their own recipe however, and all of them would brag that the kids would devour theirs faster. I like the vanilla version, but I find the recipe from the Dodecanese islands really unique, because it is made with ‘Chios Mastiha’; the natural tree resin from Chios island with the distinct flavor and antioxidant qualities. The one thing that cannot be omitted though, is the cinnamon on top! This is a classic treat for all seasons since it can be enjoyed warm or cold. Try variations on toppings with nuts, dried fruits and thyme honey. 

Preparation Method

1.     Boil the rice in water with salt, until rice has absorbed some of the water (about 10 - 15 minutes).

2.     Warm the milk and add it in the rice with the vanilla seeds and the sugar. Mix well.

3.     Mix the cornstarch in a cup with a little bit of water and add it to the pot, as soon as the rice has fully boiled (taste it).

4.     Simmer for about 10 minutes or until the mixture thickens.

5.     Remove from heat and transfer the pudding into individual serving dishes or glass bowls.

6.     Serve warm or cold, but allow it to cool well before you store it in fridge.

7.     Top with cinnamon powder or other toppings of your choice


-       3 cups whole milk, warmed

-       ½ cup Arborio rice

-       1 ½ cups water

-       4 tbsp. sugar (or thyme honey)

-       seeds from 1 vanilla pod (for Mastiha flavor, use 1 tsp. Chios Mastiha Powder)

-       2 tbsp. cornstarch

-       a pinch of salt

-       cinnamon powder


Cooking Time: 30 minutes